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About Holgistic

About Holgistic

For those in and around South East Michigan and Royal Oak, Michigan, who are searching for a comprehensive addiction treatment center from a holistic perspective, Holgistic is an outstanding resource. Under the leadership of AnnAlisa Behling ND, Holgistic delivers outstanding care founded on the concept that all systems of the human body are connected. The team shares the belief that the best quality care is achieved by integrating the latest in scientific research with the wisdom of alternative medicine. 

The practice is centered on personalized care for everything from addiction treatment, naturopathic medicine,  to acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Patients are treated as distinct individuals, not numbers to be moved through in an assembly-line fashion. Practitioners take the time to listen to patients and get to know them individually, building trusting bonds that last a lifetime. 

A team approach is also central to the success of Holgistic. From the administrative team who keeps the practice running to the practitioners and support staff who deliver top-quality care, everyone works together under the shared goal of creating positive outcomes for patients. 

Services include comprehensive preventive medicine, routine wellness care, acute condition treatment, pain management, and chronic disease management. The practice also offers medically supported weight-loss services, including, and an on-site apothecary that provides both traditional and alternative medicines. 

Holgistic offers one of the most highly sought-after addiction recovery programs in the region, using a combination of medically assisted treatment with holistic medicine support. Those in recovery can access a wide range of support services, including acupuncture, herbal therapies, nutritional counseling, talk therapy, massage, ozone therapy, and even vitamin IV infusions and high-quality supplements. This holistic approach supports physical, emotional, spiritual, and hormonal health to achieve optimal balance and impressive results. 

Health is not a static state of being, but a dynamic, ever-changing process. For those who are ready to take a proactive approach to enhancing their health and wellness, the team at Holgistic is here to help. The process begins by booking a personalized consultation online or over the phone.

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